About me

I'm the founder of Cedyrn - a consultancy set up to advise large organisations on replacement of legacy technology, adoption of public cloud services, and how to build strong digital teams. I'm also an affiliate at Public Digital, helping governments and organisations around the world adapt to the internet era.

I've spent the last few years helping organisations such as the Ministry of Justice manage the growing problem of unsustainable and complex legacy technology. I developed the strategy and led the teams to modernise and move the systems supporting Legal Aid to public cloud. I've supported the development of a new digital strategy at the Crown Commercial Service, and I've coached C-Suite executives at a €15bn global company.

Previously, I was a co-founder at the UK Government Digital Service. I worked on the launch of GOV.UK, the GDS Design Principles, Service Manual and Digital Service Standard.

Following the publication of the first Government Digital Strategy, I spent several years working closely with government departments to support their digital transformation. I helped deliver new digital services such as view your driving licence, buy and sell vehicles and tax your vehicle. I also led teams that transitioned DVLA's IT services back in-house.

I returned to GDS in 2016 to head up technology on GOV.UK. I sat as a member of the Cabinet Office Technology Spend Control Board, and was a lead assessor for the Digital Service Standard.

I have over 10 years experience in technology, digital product management and transformation. I've developed consumer rights tools for Consumer Focus and large technology systems for Thomas Cook. I have a masters degree in Human Computer Interaction.