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DigitalBC: Legacy modernisation - The Why

I’ve recently been interviewed by Jillian Carruthers, Executive Director of the Environment Sustainability Division in the British Columbia Public Service for their #DigitalBC series of videos. In this video, I talk in detail about how government approaches legacy modernisation projects. A version of this interview was also published as a podcast.
5 October 2021
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O'Reilly: Solving problems with principles

James Stewart and I recently gave a talk at Velocity Conference in Berlin about how to use design principles to solve problems in technology projects
7 November 2019
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Public Digital: Building new services around older IT

Working with technology, it’s rare that you get to build something totally new without having to think about systems or services that already exist.
1 July 2019
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GDS: Completing our work to secure digital services

Progress and impact of the work we’re doing to improve the security of government digital services
2 December 2016
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GDS: Incident report – GOV.UK DNS outage

An incident report about several issues that took government services offline
15 November 2016
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GDS: Updating our security guidelines for digital services

Work we’re doing to improve the security of government digital services
28 June 2016
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DVLA: Iterating the Vehicle Tax and SORN betas

Some of the recent tweaks we’ve made to the DVLA vehicle tax and SORN services
30 May 2014
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DVLA: Making vehicle information clearer

How DVLA is making vehicle information easier to understand for users
29 May 2014
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DVLA: Next phase of the tax disc beta

How DVLA/GDS are using A/B testing to push more people towards the beta vehicle tax service
23 May 2014
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GDS: Browser usage on GOV.UK

An overview of browsers and devices that are using the GOV.UK website on the GDS blog
12 December 2012
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GDS: It's not about cookies, it's about privacy

An update on how government websites will be implementing the new cookie / privacy regulations
19 March 2012
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GDS: Local Services and GOV.UK

How the gov.uk beta website will be exposing services provided by local government
14 January 2012
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GDS: Cookies on the GOV.UK Beta

How the gov.uk beta website will be using cookies
12 January 2012