Dafydd Vaughan

CTO & Digital technology specialist

I advise governments, public institutions and commercial organisations on digital transformation, building strong digital teams and delivering sustainable technology.

I’m the CTO for Public Digital’s consulting practice and the Independent Member for Digital on Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. I was a co-founder of the UK Government Digital Service and a strategic advisor to Centre for Digital Public Services in Wales.

Blog posts

I occasionally write blog posts on this website - these are my most recent

2024-04: April month note

I started writing this last week, and then got completely sidetracked. This has been one of those months where so much has happened, I probably should have written week notes instead. But you’re going to get this abbreviated (but still overly long) summary instead.
2 May 2024

2024-03: March month note

I’m sure I only wrote one of these a few days ago - but apparently we’re almost in April. Unintentionally, this one is very focussed on my health / NHS based work. March 2024: presenting reports, health annual plan, house work, duty of candour and cooking
29 March 2024

2024-02: February month note

Another month gone. It’s a cliche, but it really has just disappeared - I’m sure New Year was only a few weeks ago. But that means it’s time for another month note. February 2024: board, work, house renovation, turning the oil tanker, devolution and the resurgence of week notes
2 March 2024
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