It’s half way through January, so I’m a little late with my 2023 wrap up. But better late than never!

Nova Scotia

RMV Team in Nova Scotia

I spent most of the year leading the digital transformation of the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Nova Scotia as Interim Executive Lead.

My work has been focussed on establishing the team, getting it delivering new services and building the case for investment, and ultimately hiring the permanent leader.

It’s been a fantastic piece of work to be involved in, and I’ve loved getting stuck into running something again.

I’ve had a couple of trips out to Halifax, getting to spend time with the team in-person, working with Natasha Clarke (the Deputy Minister for Cyber Security and Digital Solutions), and handing over to Victoria who will be leading it going forward.

One of the great things about this role is that I’ve not done it alone. I’ve been doing it as a ‘job share’ with Anna Hirschfeld. Running these things is hard - having someone to bounce ideas off and share the load with makes it so much easier.


I’m about 18 months into my non-exec role at Aneurin Bevan UHB.

When I started, others warned me it would take a long time to properly get my head around how everything worked. As a consultant, I’m fairly used to dropping into new places and figuring things out quickly. But, they were absolutely right. It’s only now that I’m starting to figure out which leavers I’ve got to pull, and where I’m best place to influence the ongoing work.

The NHS is going through a difficult time, and the next few years are going to be critical. Doing digital well is going to be really important both to make sure we meet people’s expectations, but also to make things more efficient.

This year I’ve been getting stuck in with 3 different committees: People and Culture (P&C); Partnerships, Population Health and Planning (PPH&P); and Finance and Performance (F&P) - which looks after digital and technology. I’ve also been involved in hiring the new Chief Executive and Executive Director of Digital.

Next year I’ll be chairing the development of the long term strategy for the health board - which will set our overall direction for the next 10 years.

I’m really glad I’ve got the opportunity to provide my expertise - particularly as its my local NHS organisation, and I’ve got family who rely on on the health service.

Public Digital

After years of running my own business, this year I decided it was time for a change.

In November I joined Public Digital as Chief Technology Officer for their consulting practice.

I’ve worked with PD a lot over the last 5 years, on some huge and important projects. Everything from helping the nuclear clear up work at Sellafield, to digital services in Nova Scotia and California, through to helping the Government of Madagascar, Homes England and IDEO.

For me, it feels a bit like coming home - some of the people I’ve worked with before at Ministry of Justice and GDS, and everyone else shares my passion for delivering digital well.

I’m really looking forward to continuing these things, and building PD’s tech practice over the next year.


Outside The Forge

At the end of 2022, Ann and I left London and moved back to Wales.

Most of this year has been about getting settled and established back here.

We’ve bought a beautiful house in a rural part of Monmouthshire, and we’ve been working with an architect to update it and make it fit for how we live. The hard (and messy) work will start in 2024.

Although we visited a very sunny Amsterdam in July, we’ve not travelled enough this year - that’s mostly my fault. However, we’ve eaten at many amazing local restaurants - we are very lucky in this part of Wales.

In August we had to say goodbye to our beloved Bailey, but Dilys continues to cause noise, chaos and general cuteness.

Year in photos

January 2023 - Walks in Monmouthshire
February 2023 - Evening sunset
March 2023 - Foraging
April 2023 - Nova Scotia with Anna & Angie
May 2023 - Beer in the sun
June 2023 - Visiting Amsterdamn
July 2023 - Evening walks
August 2023 - Meeting Angharad in London
September 2023 - Dilys basking in the sun
October 2023 - Mushroom hunting in the woods
November 2023 - Halifax, Nova Scotia in the morning
December 2023 - Walks at Talybont

Bailey - 2011-2023