Project: Waterfront

Project Metis was a joint project (with James Gawn) to develop a new website and content management system for The Waterfront - the student newspaper of Swansea University.

Prior to this project, the site had been maintained by editing static files and transferring them to the server using FTP. As a result, only a small amount of the newspaper's content would make it online. Project Metis aimed to develop a PHP based website around a content management system to make it possible to not only include all of the newspaper's content, but also exclusive online.

The base website and content management system was launched in September 2006 but continual additions and improvements were made through-out it's life. Over it's first year of use, Project Metis included full articles, blogs and columns, author profiles, RSS feeds and basic tagging by newspaper issue.

In March 2007 the site was enhanced to include podcasting, improved commenting and live-blogging of major news events such as the Student Union Sabbatical Elections.

Project Metis was eventually replaced after two years of use following a review of the Student Union's websites. An archived copy of the site (including all content) is now hosted at