Project: CllrTweeps

CllrTweeps was a joint project with James Cousins and aimed to be the definitive directory of local authority councillors using Twitter.

Inspired by TweetMinster, the site listed councillors by local authority and political party. Later versions of the app also included details of local authorities, near real-time lists of tweets and an open API.

Three versions of CllrTweeps were developed:

  • Version 1 was produced using Wordpress and contained a page for each local authority with lists of related tweeting councillors.
  • Version 2 was built using a mixture of Wordpress and ASP. Wordpress powered the directory's blog while the main directory was powered by ASP. This version of the app provided pages for each local authority and political party listing their councillors along with visualisations showing the number of councillors from each party. Version 2 also began collating information about councillor websites/blogs and also provided RSS feeds of the latest tweets from each council.
  • Version 3 was a complete rewrite of the directory using PHP and the CodeIgniter framework. This version of the directory included pages for each local authority, political party and councillor. Local authority and political party pages contained links and data related to them (such as website, contact telephone numbers and twitter accounts). Councillor pages provided links to the tweeter's account and website. All pages contained near-realtime tweets from the Twitter API and useful visualisations. All the website's data was also published in a JSON API. Like the previous versions, the website's blog was powered by Wordpress.

CllrTweeps eventually closed in February 2010 after TweetMinster secured public funding to produce a competing of their directory for local authorities. Following it's closure, the data that had been collected was opened up and integrated with the OpenlyLocal website.