Find me online

I have profiles on various places around the web. This page lists most of the places I can be found and the things I contribute to.

Service Name Description
@dafyddbach My twitter profile
@gdsteam I contribute to the GDS Team twitter account
Dafydd Vaughan My Facebook account - reserved for people I know
Flickr dafyddbach Photos I've uploaded to flickr
Flickr govuk I contribute to the GOV.UK group on flickr
Linked In Dafydd Vaughan My Linked In profile
Tumblr Stuff from Dai My tumblr - where I post things that don't fit in anywhere else
Tumblr Dai's favourite laws A tumblr where I list useful and interesting pieces of legislation
Tumblr GDS Dev Tumblr I contribute to the GDS Dev tumblr
GitHub daibach Things I've built on GitHub dafyddbach An old, dormant account
Blog daibach My personal blog
Blog Government Digital Service I contribute to the Government Digital Service blog
Blog CF Labs I used to contribute to the CF Labs blog
Website GOV.UK I help build and run GOV.UK
Website Waterfront Online I helped build and run Waterfront Online (now dormant)
Website Cedyrn My web development agency